How do I navigate the different assessments?

This article is intended for users who have started using our new MTM Platform.

The last lesson in each unit includes the unit review and test. The review materials incorporate all of the different concepts and standards from the unit. The unit tests are available in several different formats.

  • Unit Test A - PDF
    • Test A is an on-level assessment of the concepts within the unit.
  • Unit Test A - Editable PPT
    • Test A can be edited using PowerPoint to meet the varying needs of your students. Options to consider:
      • Removing an answer choice
      • Adjusting a question
      • Adjusting the values in a question
      • Increasing or decreasing the number of questions
      • Altering any multiple choice questions to be open ended
      • Adding multiple choice options to open ended questions
  • Unit Test A - Google Form
    • Test A is available in a Google Form for easy grading and data analysis
  • Unit Test B Generator
    • Generate an alternative combination of questions by clicking “generate”. The generator will produce a PDF test and answer key that mirror the same concepts and difficulty level as Unit Test A. This PDF can be found in your downloads folder. Each time you click “generate,” a unique combination will be created. It will be marked as “Test B”.