Navigating the New Platform

This article is intended for users who have started using our new MTM Platform.

The new platform offers the same access to our curricula, but with an improved customer experience. The following details can help you to navigate through the changes.

My Resources Page

This page displays all of the curricula licenses that have been assigned to you. 

Teacher Tools

In this page, you can access training modules, planning materials, and resources that are supplemental or span the entire year.

Unit Page

All unit materials are organized by lesson with a written objective and tagged with the standards covered. The lessons are designed sequentially and include study guides and assessments. 

Search Bar

Use the search bar to identify a specific concept or skill. Filter by resource type and standard. 

Lesson Page

  • Units have been organized into individual lessons. These lessons are organized and sequenced intentionally but are not specific to a time frame. Teachers may select from the plethora of resources available for their specific time constraints.  Materials are grouped to show all relevant materials in one place, as well as ordered by lesson progression. Based on your unique circumstances, you may find more materials than you are able to utilize. 
  • Videos can be previewed by pressing play or they can be shared with students by clicking the “share video playlist”. 
  • Icons represent different types of materials including PDFs, Google Forms, Google Slides, and Google Folders.