Is this a one-time payment or a recurring charge?

Most of our resources are available as a one-time purchase. However, there are a few exceptions.

Maneuvering Math Intervention Program

Maneuvering Math, our skills-based intervention program for grades 6-8, is a subscription-based membership program with the option of a monthly or annual renewal.  Once you join, your price will not change for the life of your membership.  If however, you choose to cancel your membership and then desire to start again, you will not be able to rejoin at your original price. An active member is someone who is up-to-date on all payments.  More details on our membership terms and policies can be found here.

Standards-Based Curriculum

For our TEKS and CCSS Curriculum, we offer a payment plan option as we understand paying for a large curriculum in full may not be feasible. However, unlike the Intervention Program, once your payment plan is complete, you own the resource in perpetuity.