How do I change my subscription?

From time to time, the grade level you teach or the needs of your students may change. In order to help our members adjust as these needs arise, we have added a feature allowing you to make a change to your All Access subscription. This process will allow you to change your grade level, adjust from a single grade level to all grades, or from all grades to a single grade level. 

This change will keep your existing billing cycle in place and charge a prorated fee only if your new subscription is higher than your current rate.

1. Log in to your account at

2. Once logged in, select “ACCOUNT” from the MY PRODUCTS page.

3. On the “ACCOUNT” page, select “Subscriptions.”

4. On the Subscriptions page, select “CHANGE SUBSCRIPTION” on the subscription you wish to change.

5. Make your desired changes and then proceed to your cart to complete the process.