Unblock Videos Using GoGuardian

**Information on this page has been adapted from the GoGuardian Help Center.

This guide will walk you through allowing domains and subdomains you wish to block and or allow. Keep in mind that the allow list will always override the block list (including category blocks).

This only applies to a single policy environment. For more information check out Policies and Policy Inheritance.

To get to your Policies from the GoGuardian Admin dashboard, click on configuration from the left-hand menu. 

From here, select the policy you wish to add the block or allowed site into.

Note: If the Policy you wish to edit is grayed out, that may indicate that your account does not have access to an OU that the Policy is assigned to (based on the sub-org access settings your Super User has set on your account in Org Management). If that is the case, we recommend creating a new Policy that includes any additional blocks/allowances you wish to add and assigning that Policy to the OU that you have access to. You can read more about this here.


You will then enter the domain/subdomain and choose block or allow.


Here are the steps to unblock MTM Videos hosted on Vimeo without unblocking Vimeo.com.

You need your students to be able to access player.vimeo.com (a subdomain), but not Vimeo.com (a domain) or any other Vimeo subdomains:

  • Add “vimeo.com” to your block list (this will also block all subdomains)
  • Add “player.vimeo.com” to your allow list (this will override the block list for this subdomain only)

***Don't forget! Policy changes can take up to 15 minutes to take effect. One way to speed up the process is to visit chrome://restart on the device browser.***