How do I manage Sub Accounts?

The transferable licenses are useful for schools in that they are assignable to teachers by the account administrator. If the license needs to be assigned to a different teacher, the administrator may reassign the license as often as necessary. There are a few different ways to accomplish this task.

First, the account administrator will log in and navigate to the account settings page. From there, click on the “Subscriptions” link in the account menu.

On the right side of the table that lists the account subscriptions, click on “Sub Accounts” for the subscription you’d like to assign.

If there is a user that you’d like to remove from the license, just hit “Remove” next to that user’s information.

Once you are ready to assign your licenses, click “Add Sub Account.” There, you may create a new account by filling in the information for a new user.  It is often easiest to make everyone’s username their email address.

Or, you may enter the username for an existing account in the “Existing Username” field.  If you receive an error stating the user does not exist, delete the last letter of the username in that field to see the existing account populate and click submit.

Alternatively, you may copy and paste the provided URL into an email and send it to the user of your choice. Once received, it will guide them through the log in or account creation process. 

Adding an existing Sub Account: