How does licensing work with a school account?

If you are planning to purchase with school funds, you will need to first obtain a quote, as our pricing structure for school purchases varies from what you see in our shop. 

To request a quote for your school, please complete the form here. Once you have completed this form, someone on our team will reply with a quote within the next 2 business days.

The primary difference in cost is based on the additional features we have built-in for school accounts required by school funding laws. 

The biggest difference in purchasing with school funds versus personal funds is the control the school has over the account. When a school buys a license, it will be set up with an account administrator. This can be at a campus and/or district level. The account admin has control of all licenses purchased and access to all the content at no extra cost. This is built for either a department head or curriculum coordinator who needs to see the content but won’t be directly teaching students. Additionally, the admin has the ability to transfer the licenses within your account should the need arise.