Which resources do you recommend for remote learning?

The MTM Team is dedicated to supporting teachers and students during these unprecedented times!  We have been working around the clock to update our resources to be more “remote learning friendly.”  Here are some options to consider:

  • The Remote Learning Pack
    • This is a video pack (see our YouTube channel for a sample) that covers 17 essential topics for that grade level with printable practice per topic and 5 Google Forms™ assessments. We tried to focus on key concepts that are hard to source.
  • The Digital Math Resource Bundle
    • These are supplemental activities designed to work with our units. They do not include teaching or guided notes, but are interactive in Google Slides™, allowing students to drag and match and use the typing and shape tool. Each topic has an exit ticket included in both Google Forms™ and paper-based printable versions. 
  • Standards-Based Curriculum
    • The curricula bundles now include digital updates to many of the resources. All files are available as a PDF.  The unit tests are editable in PPT and available for use as Google Forms™.  The student handouts/homework/study guides have been converted to Google Slides™ for your convenience. The Google Slides™ do NOT have text boxes placed, but there is a video tutorial showing you how to add them if you choose.
    • In addition, some of our traditional paper-based activities are going digital for use with Google Slides™ and Google Forms™.  We have selected specific activities that will work well digitally. Click here to see which activities are being digitized.