What is the difference between a school-owned license and a personal license?

There is a difference in price between a school-owned license and a personal license for Maneuvering the Middle resources.  This is due to how the accounts are set up through these separate platforms and the features outlined below:

Personal Memberships

Personal memberships are designed for individual teachers who would like to purchase MTM resources for their classroom with their own funds. This teacher would purchase a personal membership through our MTM website shop


  • A 7th and 8th Grade Math Teacher would purchase All Grades All Access 
  • A 6th Grade Math Teacher would purchase 6th Grade All Access 

School-Owned Licenses

School-owned licenses are intended for a curriculum director or principal who is looking to purchase tax-exempt on behalf of their district or campus. The licenses are transferable in the event of a staffing change. Math department heads or instructional coaches can have access as the account administrator in order to assist with planning.  Purchase orders and school credit cards can be used to make the purchase. The first step in this process is to request a quote.


If a campus has two math teachers:

  • One teacher is assigned to 6th grade and 7th grade
  • One teacher is assigned to 7th grade and 8th grade

Then the campus needs 4 licenses:

  • 1x 6th grade All Access
  • 2x 7th grade All Access
  • 1x 8th grade All Access

*Tax exemption forms are accepted in states where applicable.